Old West Family Photo

Old West Family Photo is Todd Beckman, Dave Caro, John O'Toole, and Holly Prindle. Old West Family Photo is a Chicago based improv troupe performing high energy, fast paced, long form improv. The performers are all graduates of the iO (formerly ImprovOlympic) and Second City Conservatory Training Centers in Chicago. Old West Family Photo has performed at the Cornservatory, Playground, Gorilla Tango, GreenHouse, and Haystack Theaters. Between the four performers, they have outside experience in Chicago at the iO Theater, the Playground Theater, Second City's Donny Skybox Stage, pH Theater, BugHouse Theater Company, Lights Out Theater Company, and Sweet N Lo Theater Company. Old West Family Photo has been in open run at Underground Lounge in Chicago since January, 2010. They play every Wednesday at 8pm for FREE!